Filter Bag


A wide choice of filter bags to meet your critical demands for liquid filtration.

Best alternative substitute to Eaton, Hayward, GAF or LOEFFLER sentinel, snap ring filter bag, FSI Polyloc filter bag.


Absolute micron rated Polypropylene Melt Blown Filter Bag

gives you the depth filtration of up to 99.9% particle removal efficiency to meet your critical process needs in Semi-conductors & Electronics, Fine Chemicals & Solvent, Epoxy Coating, Food & Beverage Industry.

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Extended service life Polypropylene and Polyester felt Filter bag

with feature of more depth of unique fiber orientation to give you high dirt loading capacity up to four times more of particle retention than normal felt filter bag, it is not only saving of downtime for filter bag change-out but also very cost effective.

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Polypropylene ( PP ) and Polyester ( PE ) Fully Welded Filter Bag

Bag of up to 90% particle removal efficiency from 1 micron to 200 micron particle removal for 100% by-pass risk free filtration.

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Sewn Polypropylene and Polyester felt filter bag

For economic filtration.

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NMO filter bag

For absolute filtration of higher micron particles removal filtration.

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Carbon filter bag

To remove organic substances, it combined with 25 micron final filtration.