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Industrial Filtration products


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Industrial Filtration products

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Universal Filtration – Our Products

We are a global manufacturing and distribution management company with a presence in major cities, doing business with partners from both large multi-national corporations, to regional producers and trading suppliers. By giving people tools to apply filtration processes more efficiently, helping companies achieve cleaner solutions, Universal Filtration works towards a cleaner sustainable future for everyone.

We manufacture a wide range of industrial filtration equipment, with over 20 years of history and experience in our field. Our company manufactures a range of filtration equipment from bag filter housing, filer bags, cartridges, cartridge vessels, to customisable filter vessels and housing solutions. We offer various options for customisation and we deliver and fulfill orders globally.

Our product groups


We manufacture both filter bag housing systems as well as individual filter bags. We offer custom built solutions for our clients needs. Our bag filters can handle liquid flow rate from 1m3 to 1,000m3.

We have both cartridge filter housing as well as cartridge filters. We offer custom built solutions, ranging from a single piece to more than 100 rounds of cartridge installation from 4” to 40” length to meet our clients requirements. 

We provide standard and custom made strainer and baskets. Designed for efficiency for integration with a wide variety of equipment like pumps, heat exchangers, and mechanical valves. 


Our filter bags are used for a wide range of applications from food grade food and beverage filtration to fine chemical filtration. Our bags materials are made from the highest quality materials and are certified for quality by international bodies. 

Our filter cartridges are made with high quality materials that are certified by international bodies for quality. Our selection also includes stainless steel filter cartridges. Our clients use our cartridges for a wide range of applications. 

Our self cleaning filter systems are designed to give customers an ease of mind without the hassle of routinely changing filter bags or cartridges. These systems are designed to handle a long duration of flow and have a high life span. Contact us for an inquiry. 

Product Overview

Bag Filter Housing

Universal Filtration manufactures a wide range of filter bags and bag filter housings. Bag filter housings are efficient and economical solutions for a wide variety of filtration needs. Our housings are designed with advanced stainless steel precision casting, and made for streamlined liquid flow, reduced pressure loss, and ease of cleaning.

We offer Top Inlet Bag Filters, Side Inlet Bag Filters, Universal Economic Version Bag Filters, Universal Multi Bag Filers, and customisable Bag Filters for your filtration needs. Our Bag Filters are made with the highest standards and are able to handle large flow rates.

Filter Bags

Our company manufacturers a range of filter bags to suit your filtration needs. Filter bags are excellent for use in surface filtration. Universal Filter bags are suitable for use in filtration of liquids containing high or low concentrations of coarse solids, for pre-filtration, end-filtration, or as a polishing filter for liquids with exrtemely low concentrations of solids.

Universal Filter Bags come in various materials and forms depending on uses. Polypropylene Melt Blown Filter Bags, Polyester Felt and Polypropylene Filter bags, Polypropylene and Polyester Fully welded filter bags, Sewn Bags and NMO bags, and Carbon filter bags are some of our product lines.

Cartridge filter housing

Universal Filtration manufacturers a range of cartridge filters and cartridge filter housing. Our housing is designed for a range of applications and are readily customisable based on our clients needs.

We manufacture single cartridge vessels, light duty multi cartridge filter vessels, and heavy duty cartridge vessels for a variety of applications. Our cartridge vessels are customisable to fit your projects needs. Contact us today.

Cartridge filters

We have a wide range of quality filter cartridge products ranging from pleated depth and membrane filter cartridges, to filter fluids to the highest level of purity. This includes removal of dissolved and particulate components to meet the stringent demands in a wide range of industries like food & beverange, ultra-pure water processes, to pharmaceutical and enzyme processes.

Our filter cartridge products use materials of construction that are of the highest purity, complying with food grade standards as well as quality assurance standards in both Asia, Europe, and America. Contact us for more details.

Strainer and Pipeline filter

We provide standard cast and custom made fabricated strainers and baskets for optimal protection for your equipment like Pumps, Heat Exchangers, and Valves, from industrial wear and tear. We design based on ASME code for up to 900 psi pressure rating strainers for your requirements.

Our Y strainers remove particles that may cause damage to your system, through capture by strainer screens. Our Y strainers are available in cast or fabricated design to meet your requirements. Our product line also includes Simplex strainers and Duplex Strainers, designed to remove dirt and protect crucial system components such as flow meters, pumps, and spray nozzles.

Self Cleaning Filter systems

Our self cleaning filtration systems are designed to remove the hassle of maintenance while providing a high quality method of filtering particles for your filtration needs. Our UMCF and USCF series of self cleaning filter systems ensure that your industrial filtration projects are always online with minimal downtime.

UMCF filter is ideal for continuous ( and therefore batch ) applications. The filtration principle is by using a dual pneumatically driven activators to move the special grade Teflon made disc up and down to perform the cleaning operation inside of the vertically slotted wedge or perforated screen, Our system can either operating in manual or automatic mode. The concentrated dirt are periodically purged for less than 1-2 seconds, so there is no much product loss in the operation.

For water application, alternative to expensive auto-cleaning filter system. Our USCF self cleaning filters are designed to meet a wide range of industrial applications for water filtration in process water, sea water, recycle water as well as waste treatment etc, it is also suitable for high pressure and high temperature application.

The systems are completed with a wide choice of Stainless Steel screens with PLC controller and flash valve, for large flow requirement, it can be set up in parallel installation. The filter bodies are available in stainless steel and carbon steel with ETFE coating. Clean filter pressure drop with 100μ screen is less than 1psi at the rated flow of the filter.

Filter component accessories

In addition to standard and custom filtration solutions, Universal Filtration believes in providing a high standard of service to our clients throughout the life cycle of their filtration projects. We offer continuous support for projects in the form of accessories and interchangeable spare parts for our valued clients.

Our accessories include housing vessel O-rings, filter bag pressure plates, sealing rings, various valves and vessel joints, filter baskets, and rods and magnetic rod holders. Our accessories are customisable and economical, and are compatible with products from other leading manufacturers like Eaton. Contact us for your needs.

How to order from us

Send us an inquiry, we will respond with a quote
Purchase order & agreement, and production
Completion, delivery, and sea freight

Whether its for filter housing, filter bags, cartridges, or customisable solutions, we’ll respond with a quotation for your needs. We ensure the highest quality finishes and consistency in our products. Email us your requirements and we’ll get in touch.

Once a purchase order is made and our payments terms are agreed to, we’ll begin production of your order. Depending on the order, our lead time would vary between one week to four weeks. We’ll keep you updated on the progress and status.

Once completed, we’ll arrange a sea freight shipment to your specified location. We deliver internationally. Delivery by courier is also available. Clients can choose to arrange for self collection direct from our factories through a forwarder, if they would like to handle their own shipment.

We fulfill orders worldwide. We ship to our clients through various methods depending on their location, commonly through sea freight direct from our factories to our clients office or location. Self collection through a forwarder is also available for clients who handle their own shipment process.
Our direct from factory distribution method enables us to deliver a direct to client model, with cost savings and a lower lead time passed to our clients as a result. 

Contact Us

We’re always interested in new projects, big or small. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us regarding your project.

If you want to contact us for a quote or inquiry please call or message us on our corporate whatsapp (+65) 8914 3563 or send us an email at Sales-Inquiry@universal-filtration.com. If you would like to submit a proposal for consideration simply email us a quote.

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