Self Cleaning Filter


Mechanical Self Cleaning Filters – UMCF Series


Self Cleaning for High Viscosity, High Dirt Load Application. Our mechanical clean filter system designed to handle to filter 25 micron and larger in various industries where high particle content, viscous and sticky liquid which other system will simply can’t handle.

UMCF filter is ideal for continuous ( and therefore batch ) applications. The filtration principle is by using a dual pneumatically driven activators to move the special grade Teflon made disc up and down to perform the cleaning operation inside of the vertically slotted wedge or perforated screen, Our system can either operating in manual or automatic mode. The concentrated dirt are periodically purged for less than 1-2 seconds, so there is no much product loss in the operation.

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Self Cleaning Filters – USCF Series


For water application, alternative to expensive auto-cleaning filter system. Our USCF self cleaning filters are designed to meet a wide range of industrial applications for water filtration in process water, sea water, recycle water as well as waste treatment etc, it is also suitable for high pressure and high temperature application.

The systems are completed with a wide choice of Stainless Steel screens with PLC controller and flash valve, for large flow requirement, it can be set up in parallel installation. The filter bodies are available in stainless steel and carbon steel with ETFE coating. Clean filter pressure drop with 100μ screen is less than 1psi at the rated flow of the filter.

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