Bag Filter


Nothing is too big or too small the flow that we can’t challenge! Our bag filter can handle liquid flow rate from 1 m3/hr – 1,000 m3/hr liquid filtration.

Universal Single Bag Filter

To filter up to 40m3/hr, is constructed with modern engineering technology of precision cast stainless steel component to streamline the liquid flow to reduce the pressure loss and minimize unnecessary welding process that make difficulty in filter cleaning. Wide choice of single bag filter

Universal Top inlet Bag Filter

Universal Top inlet bag filter designed to give you perfect 360 degree sealing of plastic collar fully welded filter bag sit inside the filter to ensure absolute no by pass, it gives you the top performance in your most challenging liquid filtration process.


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Universal Side inlet Bag Filter

Our durable bag filter design to give you the convenient in handling your filtration process, easy opening mechanism and bag filter fixing ring to ensure good sealing for both plastic collar fully welded bag filter and sewn felt or NMO bag filter. It is suitable for general filtration requirement in all the industrial applications with liquid of low to medium viscosity.


Universal Economic version Bag Filter

Economics side inlet bag filter to meet your cost budget requirement in filtration equipment selection, yet providing a good sealing mechanism, strongly recommend for water filtration process.


Universal Multi Bag Filter

Our user friendly design multi bag filter with construction from 3 bags to 24 bags to meet larger liquid flow rate requirement up to 1,000 m3/hr, all bag filter design in ASME VIII Div I standard.
We accept custom made bag filter to fit your requirement for piping and flange connection in JIS, DIN or ANSI standard, Tri- clover sanitary connection etc.