Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge

For High Pressure, High Temperature applications


Cylindrical Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge – USC Series


Our Cylinder Filter Cartridges are made with Five Layers Sintered Wire Cloth, with filter rating ranging from 0.5micron to 200micron. Five-Layer Sintered stainless steel wire mesh are sintered together in vacuum to give you a very fine micron filtering, good permeability, high strength, easy to clean, good corrosion resistance, durable at work and no immigration of materials.

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Pleated Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge – USCP Series


Our pleated filter cartridges are made of stainless steel fiber web and stainless steel weaving wire mesh. Stainless steel sintered fiber web is a multi-pore filter media. The filter elements gives you the advantage of high porosity, large filter area and high dirt holding capacity, and can also be clean and reused by chemical cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning methods.

Filter rating range from 3 to 200 microns.

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